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Welcome to our blog, warning... we are evolving!

It has been a while since we shared what is going on and oh do we have a LOT going on! In 2020, the College of Nursing and the ICEBNP moved into a gorgeous new building. Our ICENP now has a dedicated room (with windows!) and state of the art technology. The new space encourages collaborations and facilitates synergistic relationships.

We are so excited about the possibilities of this new space and cannot wait to share what we do next!

With the retirement of Dr. Lisa Hopp, we have two faculty who have stepped into leadership roles within the Center. Dr. Beth Vottero is the new Director and Dr. Marianne Schallmo is the Deputy Director. Dr. Schallmo will be attending the JBI Committee of Directors meeting in November 2023 and will provide an overview of what was discussed.

In October 2023, the ICEBNP collaborated with the Center at Rosalind Franklin to provide CSRT training. We are so excited to work with this stellar group of scholars to provide the training. Attendees hailed from the US, Canada and China, each developing a protocol and successfully presenting it to the participants. We will provide more information about dates and times for the summer training soon.


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